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Responsible For: Other Chefs and Kitchen Porters Responsible To:Chef Manager/General Manager Liaises With :All Catering Staff Duties 1)To ensure the prompt service of all meals and services at the required times, to the Company's standard and the Client's satisfaction. 2)To ensure that methods of preparation and presentation comply with current recognised catering standards within the budgeted costs laid down by the Company. 3)To ensure that Company and Statutory regulations pertaining to the safety and hygienic operations of the kitchen and ancillary areas are adhered to by all members of staff and visitors. 4)To assist the Management with planning menus, rotas, orders and checking and receiving in absence of Management. 5)To ensure that areas under your control are left as clean and tidy as is reasonably practicable at all times, but especially at the end of a day/shift.6)To ensure that the Unit's stores and other potential areas of loss are secured at all times according to the instructions laid down by the Management. 7)To carry out any reasonable requests made by the Chef Manager and General Manager.  8)Additional Ad-hoc Duties: To assist at any special functions, some of which may occur outside working hours To report any customer complaints or compliments and take some remedial action if at all possible To report immediately any incidents of accident, fire, theft, loss, damage, unfit food, or other irregularities and take such action as may be appropriate or possible To attend meetings and training courses as may be necessary To provide cover in other areas during periods of holidays and sickness  Employee Name: .. 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